9 March 2021
Delicious Desserts

The sweetest desserts only at Restro! Let yourself be carried away by the sweetness and delicious simplicity of our desserts. Perfect for coffee, for work or after a hard day, they will definitely make your day better. Cakes, ice cream and our other delicacies will surely complement each dinner and will be on the list […]

9 March 2021
Manufaktura Restro

Handmade? ... made! Dumplings, potato dumplings, dumplings and many other products prepared by us for your favorite stores! Look for our products and be sure to prepare a home-made dinner with them, like from a restaurant. Something for a quick, romantic dinner, or just a fancy for GoodWin Casino? You will never go hungry anywhere […]

9 March 2021
A different Lunch every day

Check out our Lunch for today! Let yourself be surprised every day by a new idea for a delicious lunch. At Restro, your taste buds will definitely not be bored. Each lunch is prepared with passion and using only the freshest ingredients to meet all your expectations. Try our lunch today ... and tomorrow too!



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